Indian Simmer Sauces

Announcing a savory selection of some of the world's most popular Indian-style curries created exclusively with the finest Certified Organic ingredients. Each new Seeds of Change® Simmer Sauce builds on our company heritage of offering delicious, nutritious, sustainably-grown products inspired by flavors and cultures around the globe. Our Simmer Sauces span the entire heat range — from the mild coconut and ginger Korma, the mild tomato-and-onion Tikka Masala, the medium-hot bell pepper Jalfrezi to the hot pepper Madras curry.

Simple to prepare, Seeds of Change® Simmer Sauces can be used in meat or fish dishes, but they're just as delicious simmered with tofu or vegetables for an authentic vegetarian meal in minutes. Sauté one pound of your favorite protein or vegetables until done, add sauce, cover and simmer for 10 minutes. Voilà: Dinner.