Seed to Farm to Plate

Seeds of Change® wasn't founded so much as it was hatched. Hatched in the way that eggs hatch, but also in the way that crazy ideas get hatched. The crazy idea in question? Freeing America from a nasty chemical dependency — an addiction to toxic pesticides, petrochemical fertilizers and laboratory-engineered seed strains that, by the late 1980s, had quietly overtaken our nation's entire food supply.

Save the Seeds
It all began with a small group of organic gardeners, plant explorers, and seed collectors who had amassed not only a few PhDs in botany and molecular biology, but also a mind-blowing collection of native seeds. We're talking hundreds and hundreds of heirloom and ancient varieties — many of which were in serious danger of vanishing forever from cultivation.

...we search out growers of the tastiest organic ingredients available and fully authenticate their cultivation practices.Go Forth and Multiply
Recognizing that modern industrial agriculture was poisoning the Earth, and that the same companies who supplied the poison now controlled the seed stock as well, we set out to tip the balance back in nature's and humankind's favor. Instead of a seed stock dumbed down to a handful of patented hybrid varieties — not chosen for nutritional value or taste or perseverance in the face of drought, but purely for cosmetics and ease in shipping (and designed to thrive only within the narrow tolerances of petrochemical farming) — we aimed to diversify America's seed portfolio and recapture the symbiotic relationship between farmer and soil.

Nurture the Crops, Spread the Word
In 1989, on a farm in southern New Mexico, our modern-day band of Johnny Appleseeds began propagating that collection of ancient seeds, creating what would soon become the largest selection of certified organic seeds in existence. At the same time, we began assisting growers in switching to organic methods, all the while trumpeting the benefits of organics' greater nutrition, flavor, and genetic diversity. Today, some 16 years later, with organic produce production at an all-time high, the long strange trip we set out upon has clearly borne fruit.

Sharing the Bounty with Gardeners, Cooks and Food Lovers
Over the years, we've expanded the Seeds repertoire to include seedlings, books, tools and amendments to help organic gardeners thrive. But our most significant recent introduction is our line of certified organic foods. With the same uncompromising standards we've adhered to since the start, we search out growers of the tastiest organic ingredients available and fully authenticate their cultivation practices. Then we combine the incredible flavors of these organic ingredients with captivating recipes from distant lands and cultures. The result? Premium dishes and sauces of unsurpassed quality and flavor, brought to you by one of the leaders of the organic movement. To this day, we're the only maker of certified organic packaged foods whose background is rooted (pardon the pun) in growing organic crops.

It Always Comes Back to the Farm
Meanwhile, on our research farm in Santa Fe — the heart and spiritual center of the Seeds of Change® family — we continue our mission: expanding the richness and biodiversity of the world's food supply by trialing ever-changing varieties of organic, open-pollinated crops. Always looking to identify the tastiest, hardiest, and most adaptable varieties, both new and old. Forever planting the next seeds of change.